It's always satisfying when a musician records his or her own work and that work turns out to be moving stuff. Such is the case with pianist Collin Shook. On Derivatives (Mont Elefant), Shook and Dylan DeRobertis (bass) and Matt Pirc (drums) play together gracefully. Clearly Shook knows his Bill Evans, a joyous thing. His pacing, voicing and dramatic builds have Evans whispering in his ear. A thoroughly enjoyable album that engages you in spiritual conversation. Sample any of the album's tracks; they're all great. ---- Marc Myers ----- July 2012 

Collin's Tucson Trio for the first half of 2013 featured Tim Rachbach on drums with Dylan DeRobertis. Here is their original, "Caspian".

Collin's upcoming release, "The Desert", with drummer Tim Rachbach and bassist Dylan DeRobertis, also featuring horns Mike Moynihan (tenor) and Max Goldschmid(trumpet), features 6 original compositions, 3 of which are Collin's. Release for The Desert is set for February 2016 under "UNIT Jazz". Here is the second cut on the record; Mike's composition called "Weird World".