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Collin has been an avid student of piano technology since moving to Austin in 2006, tinkering on 3 of his own (and a few of his friends uprights) between 2007 and 2010. He joined part time at Hachenberg and Sons Pianos in Tucson under the apprenticeship of Kirby Tucker in Tucson AZ (2012), often putting 4-6 hours of a full overhaul on trade-in uprights and concert grands out of the box!

Since returning to Austin in 2014, he's tuned and prepared pianos for ACL (2016&17), TSU (San Marcos), The Paramount Theatre, One World Theatre, Strait Music, Music Masters Pianos, Scoot Inn, Whislers, Dozen Street, Elephant Room, Eddie V’s, Lambert’s, Skylark Lounge, The Townsend, Jazz TX (San Antonio), Cezanne (Houston), and many other rooms in Central Texas. 

Radiohead, Mumford and Sons, Dr. John, Father John Misty, Elvis Costello, John Scofield, George Winston, Robert Glasper, Kiko Matsui, Gregory Porter, Jenny Lewis, Andrew McMahon, Rich Harney, Dr. Joe, Bob Schneider, Micah Motenko, and many notable Texan pianists are among his accolades of clients.

Collins service rates are as follows:

$160 - First Tuning including a pitch raise (if more than 15 cents above or below A=440hz)

$120 - Retune within 18 months or piano within +/- 5 cents of A=440hz

$40 - Hourly Cleaning/Minor Repairs/Prep Work

$300 - Minimal Functional Regulation:

  • Filing/Shaping/Voicing 88 Hammers

  • Cleaning of Keybed and Lubricating Action Pins

  • Setting Letoff Height for all 88 keys

  • Evening Repetition Levers - 88 keys (grand pianos)

  • Evening Back Check Height - 88 keys

  • Aligning Jack To Knuckles/Lost Motion

  • Seating Strings onto Bridge Pins (helps to remove false beats and strengthen each notes fundamental)

Text/Call (214)-799-9901 or email collin@shookspianoservice.com for a quote, appraisal, locating/selling, and plenty of free advice

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